Our Programs for 2013:

Creating Canopy Cover for a Greener & Cleaner Mount Dennis

Supported by: Live Green Toronto: Capital Funds Program 2013

Project time frame: 2013

Our proposal is to deliver active, on-the-ground, environmental programs in the Mount Dennis area of Toronto through 2013 and beyond. We intend to work with local schools, community groups and the general community at large to undertake a range of environmentally based activities and education programs which include: The Mount Dennis community has been selected as the focus of this proposal for both the identified need of environmental stewardship in the area and for the high level of community interest in participating in these types of activities.
The BCCP will partner with two existing community groups in the target area.
The BCCP will also form or continue partnerships with at least 3 schools in the area.

Black Creek SNAP Neighbourhood Retrofit Program

Supported by: Live Green Toronto: Community Investment Fund 2013

Project time frame: 2013

The Black Creek Conservation Project of Toronto (BCCP) is a partner in the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's Black Creek Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP) and is leading the delivery of a Neighbourhood Retrofit Program in the Black Creek SNAP area.
Set to launch and run through 2013 in its first year, this innovative program-founded on both science and community-based social marketing research and principles-will focus on strategic retrofits, including energy and water conservation at the lot-level scale, by gently encouraging life-long behaviour changes and enhancing the capacity of individual homeowners to engage in sustainable practices.

The primary vehicle for promoting energy and water conservation in this program will be 20-minute home assessments conducted at 5% of the neighbourhood's homes (ca. 100) and subsidies for rain barrels and trees for Black Creek SNAP homeowners. The Live Green Toronto funding would sponsor 100 20-minute home energy and water conservation assessments and subsidies to provide a 33% discount to encourage in total 200 homeowners (>10% of neighbourhood) to buy and use rain barrels and $35 dollar subsidies toward the equivalent of 175 shade trees or 525 fruit trees.

For furtherin formation on the Black Creek SNAP project please see: Sustainable Neighborhoods

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Our Programs for 2012:

Downsview Dells Community: An Action Program for Stormwater Control

Supported by: EcoAction (EcoAction)

Project time frame: 2010 to end of March, 2012.   Completed     Please see Past Projects

Wildlife Habitat Structures for an Urban Watershed

Supported by: Earth Day Canada Community environment Fund 2012 and Sobeys.

   Completed     Please see Past Projects

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