1985: "A Proposal for Erosion Control and Trails on the Black Creek" ©
authors: Gregory Tokarz, Jacqueline Howlett, Deborah M'Keown

1986: Study: "Lavender Creek: An Investigation of contamination in a polluted Toronto ravine with an emphasis on metals and phytotoxicity" ©
author: Gavin Miller

1988: "Natural Heritage Inventory Study of the Black Creek Watershed" ©
author: Gavin Miller

1992 - Study: "Ontario Hydro Right-of-Way Site Design" ©
(engineering study for planned wetland in the town of Vaughan)
study conducted by: J.A.A. Khavary & S. Jahaniaval Design Engineers, Toronto, On

1997: "Caring for your Watershed, A Guide to Adopting and Rehabilitating Black Creek" ©
author: Kristin Geater, project co-ordinator

1998: "Study and Analysis of Benthic Invertebrates, Thermal Stability, and Channel Morphology for the Black Creek" ©.
author: Carlo Coi, Restoration Ecologist

1999: "Black Creek Channel Naturalization Feasibility Study (Rockcliffe Boulvard to Jane Street)" ©
study conducted by: Mitchell, Pound & Braddock Ltd, Consulting Engineers, Richmond Hill, On

2001: "A Strategy for the Regeneration of Black Creek" ©
author: Sandy Agnew

Kingfisher Newsletter © - 28 issues since 1984

Reference material: Designs, Studies, and Reports

Summary Reports for Projects completed

1985 October - "Black Creek: A Look at the Problems and a Plan for the Future"
by Irene Creed, undergraduate, UofT Institute for Environmental Studies

1991 March - Rehabilitation Plans: Includes Design Principles and detailed plans for 7 sites
Prepared by John F.B.Maher for the Joint Venture of the Conservation Council of Ontario and the Black Creek Project (1990-91)

1992 December - Preliminary Report: "Environmental Criteria for Watershed Planning and Development"
Includes:Urban Infrastructure, Stormwater Management, Floodplain Design, Parklands, Greensoace, and Building Design
prepared by BCCP volunteers.